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The GRIT Path Series


Risks. Uncertainty. Barriers.

GRIT is essential for leaders climbing to new ​heights in their careers.

Activating then applying GRIT helps leverage ​existing strengths. Choose this GRIT pathway ​and create effective habits for the journey ​upward.

Meet Your Facilitator


HAZE SCHEPMYER is a Life-Event Transition Consultant committed to sparking ​powerful and unconventional conversations that empower leaders to move ​from surviving to thriving as they explore new heights in their careers. She is ​an Author, Facilitator and Speaker.

After the unexpected and unnerving loss of her dream job in 2019, Haze took ​stock of her lived experiences then launched Grow My GRIT to elevate the ​importance of reframing our thoughts when it’s time to make a major ​transition. Specifically, she promotes shifting our thoughts to the unique ​strengths and resources we reliably bring to challenging situations and ​relationships.

With these important conversations in mind, Haze pioneered the GRIT Growth ​Guide © which highlights opportunities for people to know, grow and show ​their GRIT personally as well as professionally.

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Risks to Respect: Respect is the cornerstone of ​effective leadership, fostering trust, ​communication, and loyalty. It cultivates a ​positive work environment, encouraging ​collaboration and maximizing potential.

From Surviving to Thriving

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Uncertainty to Confidence: Confidence ​inspires trust, decisiveness, and resilience in ​leaders, fostering team belief and ​adaptability crucial for navigating challenges ​and achieving success.

Barriers to a Clear Path: A clear path provides ​direction, aligns efforts, and enhances ​decision-making, enabling leaders to guide ​their teams efficiently toward goals with ​purpose and cohesion.

How It Works...

What To Expect

Each workshop provides leaders with unique ways to dig ​into their individual and collective GRIT. The four phases ​below make up the GRIT Path to help leaders leverage their ​existing strengths and resources for the move to the next ​level:

  • Excavating GRIT
  • Exploring GRIT
  • Expressing GRIT
  • Exchanging GRIT
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Gain access to crucial resources and ​instruments designed to enhance your ​skills and capabilities, fostering a ​firm foundation for succe​ss.


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Receive regular check-ins and updates, ​ensuring continuous support and ​tracking your progress for a more ​personalized and effective journey.

Benefit from personalized insights with 1:1 ​consultations tailored to your unique needs ​and challenges, maximizing your potential ​for sustained progress.


Group Session

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Interactive, 60-minute online ​session for building skills, creating ​community and testing new tools.

Starting at $1,500.00

(plus HST)

Group + 1:1

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60-minute online session with 30-minute follow-up sessions for selected individuals.

Starting at $3,500.00

(plus HST)

Corporate Consulting

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Online consultation with leaders who ​want to facilitate a customized GRIT ​path within their organizations.

Starting at $5,500.00

(plus HST)


*Priority service for persons with disabilities