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unseen. Skeptical. Vulnerable.

GRIT is instrumental for Creatives struggling with the business of art and the art of business.

Unlocking then unleashing GRIT helps elevate existing strengths. Choose this GRIT pathway and gain momentum for the path forward.

The GRIT Path Series

Meet Your Facilitator


HAZE SCHEPMYER is a Life-Event Transition Consultant committed to sparking ​powerful and unconventional conversations that empower Creatives to move ​from surviving to thriving as they conquer the art of business and the business ​of art. She is an Author, Facilitator and Speaker.

After the unexpected and unnerving loss of her dream job in 2019, Haze took ​stock of her lived experiences then launched Grow My GRIT to elevate the ​importance of reframing our thoughts when it’s time to make a major transition.​ Specifically, she promotes shifting our thoughts to the unique strengths and ​resources we reliably bring to challenging situations and relationships.

With these important conversations in mind, Haze pioneered the GRIT Growth ​Guide © which highlights opportunities for people to know, grow and show ​their GRIT personally as well as professionally.

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Unseen to Amplified: Feeling amplified fuels ​creativity, passion, and artistic expression, ​empowering artists to convey emotions ​intensely, creating impactful and resonant ​work that captivates and inspires audiences.

From Surviving to Thriving

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Skeptical to Optimistic: Optimism fuels ​creativity, encouraging artists to explore ​possibilities, overcome challenges, and infuse ​hope into their work, fostering resilience and ​a positive impact on the audience.

Vulnerable to In Control: Control instills a sense ​of mastery, allowing artists to shape their ​vision with precision, fostering creativity, and ​ensuring their artistic message resonates ​authentically and effectively.

How It Works...

What To Expect

Each workshop provides Creatives with unique ways to dig ​into their individual and collective GRIT. The four phases ​below make up the GRIT Path to help Creatives leverage ​their existing strengths with passion and purpose:

  • Excavating GRIT
  • Exploring GRIT
  • Expressing GRIT
  • Exchanging GRIT
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Gain access to crucial resources and ​instruments designed to enhance your ​skills and capabilities, fostering a firm ​foundation for success.

Receive regular check-ins and updates, ​ensuring continuous support and ​tracking your progress for a more ​personalized and effective journey.

Benefit from personalized insights with 1:1 ​consultations tailored to your unique needs ​and challenges, maximizing your potential ​for sustained progress.


Group Session

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Interactive, 60-minute online ​session for building skills, creating ​community and testing new tools.

Starting at $1,500.00

(plus HST)

Group + 1:1

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60-minute online session with 30-minute follow-up sessions for selected individuals.

Starting at $3,500.00

(plus HST)

Corporate Consulting

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Online consultation with leaders who ​want to facilitate a customized GRIT ​path within their organizations.

Starting at $5,500.00

(plus HST)


*Priority service for persons with disabilities